Environment and Mobility survey for The Avenues: now launched!

TARA (The Avenues Residents’ Association) are undertaking a comprehensive survey to find out views within The Avenues.

TANDEM – The Avenues Neighbourhood Design for Environment and Mobility – is a small working group that was formed by the TARA Committee last year, between lockdowns. The group comprises three TARA committee representatives and one TARA member, who have worked hard conceptualizing the project.

The group was formed to provide a focus on some of the issues that currently impact upon the quality of the local living environment. These issues affect the ability of residents to freely enjoy living where they do and also feeling safe when they leave their homes to use the area, whether with mobility scooters, walking or cycling.

Chair of TARA, Simon Davidson describes the recent problems;

‘One of the main issues identified is the volume and speed of traffic passing through the area. This has often been linked with the Plumb Park development but it is actually considerably worse during the long holiday season, which stretches from Easter to October. It is something that is present all-year round due to rat-running – something not linked to Plumb Park.

‘TARA are also working closely with the Deaf Academy whose pupils are particularly vulnerable and we support their recent petition to introduce a “20’s plenty” scheme together with appropriate pedestrian crossings on Douglas Avenue and Salterton Road.’

‘Whilst lockdowns suppressed traffic and the number of holiday makers, it is now very apparent that volumes and behaviours are returning to what they were pre-lockdown. Poor weather had the effect of reducing numbers travelling through The Avenues, but with sunnier and calmer conditions the number of vehicles transiting through The Avenues has increased dramatically as the pent-up demand for holidays returned promptly.

‘We would like to reach out to everybody who lives in and uses The Avenues to move around. Please use this opportunity to get your voice heard by filling in our survey. Thank you.’