Exmouth town and seafront regeneration consultation

Dear fellow residents – you may already be aware of the online survey which has been launched recently by Exmouth Town Council and if so you may have taken the short period of time required to complete it. If you are not been aware of it, or have not yet completed it, then we have included the link  Exmouth Place Making 2022 V2 (snapsurveys.com)  and TARA asks you to have a look and reply to it with your views.

It is a well-designed and comprehensive survey that requires just a few minutes to answer. There are places to add more detailed comments if you wish to.

The survey is open for 8 weeks and we think that it is a golden opportunity to help shape our town and the environment that we live in and enjoy. Many of you completed TARA’s online survey last year and you expressed strong support for the need for change in terms of traffic management, speeding, managing anti-social behaviour, and the need to improve facilities for pedestrians, cyclists and those who are less mobile, and the look and feel of the town and this neighbourhood.

This survey, directly from the Town Council, gives you the chance to add weight to your views and we strongly encourage you to take it.

The TARA Committee.