Mickey’s Beach Bar & Restaurant licence

‘Mickey’s’ from The Avenues (East Checkstone)

On 19 March, we objected to the very late night licence for music and alcohol at Mickey’s Beach Bar and Restaurant, at the new Sideshore development on the seafront. We sent it by email to all relevant East Devon District Councillors and to the Licensing department.

The deadline for comments and representation is today, Monday 23 March.







Dear Councillor

Re: Premises Licence Application 051731
Mickey’s Beach Bar and Restaurant, Queens Drive, Exmouth

We were concerned when we saw this application for long opening hours, the provision of live music and recorded music and the late night supply of refreshment and alcohol. It is not clear from the application whether the applicant intends to use the lengthy hours every night or for special events.

I would like to object for the following reasons:

This development was originally conceived as a family area. In the Decision Notice the development was for:
Construction of new water sports centre including various facilities for water sports users, a cafe, restaurant and retail plus car parking and open space together with associated infrastructure including new stepped and ramped access to the beach and landscaping.

What has actually been built is a restaurant/bar with fast food outlets and very limited public water sports facilities. Allowing late night alcohol and music licences would allow this to additionally be run as a late night drinking venue and night club.

Prevention of crime and disorder:
At present there is no CCTV coverage on that part of the sea front for monitoring crime and anti social behaviour caused by the late night consumption of alcohol.

Promotion of public safety:
There is a significant and unavoidable health and safety risk for people who leave the venue and then decide to enter the sea. Late night alcohol and the sea do not mix and the venue is not adjacent to the ‘safe bathing’ area. As is well known, the currents just off-shore are very strong and it seems inevitable that accidents will occur possibly resulting in serious injury or even death. The emergency services would then have to attend to resolve the situation late at night.

Prevention of public nuisance:
1. The venue was not designed or built as a venue for loud music whether live or not so insulation standards are likely to be poor. This should be assessed before any final decision is made. Both The Ocean and the Pavilion are purpose built and easily able to contain noise within their premises. Noise from this venue, which has an outdoor service area, will adversely affect neighbours in Trefussis Terrace, East and West Checkstone and Roswell Court, the latter being for retired residents. As noise seems to travel more at night, other areas of the Avenues, further away from the immediate area will also be affected.

2. There is an on-going issue with anti-social behaviour along the Esplanade and Queens Drive particularly during the period from April to October and on any night of the week. This mostly takes the form of ‘boy racers’ whether in cars or on motor bikes. As is apparent to anyone living in the general area, this sound carries a long way at night and is further spread along connecting roads as people arrive and depart. Neither the police, EDDC or the Town Council have been able to control this. Approval of a further source of late night alcohol provision will only exacerbate matters and reduce the confidence of the public in their local councillors’ ability to address their legitimate concerns.

3. It is clear from anyone’s experience that people who have consumed alcohol have lower social inhibitions (hence the Covid restrictions on pubs and bars). As a result, rowdy behaviour leaving a late night bar is inevitable. Given that patrons will leave mainly on foot and have to make their way through residential areas the potential for unacceptable behaviour is obvious and only preventable by a heavy police presence. This resource is not available. There is no public transport in this area this late in the evening so the number of cars/taxis will add to both pollution
and noise nuisance as customers leave the area late at night.

It appears that the Applicant is not taking any responsibility, or suggesting any actions, to mitigate any of the above and they should be required to do so before any decision is made. It is not clear that the number of covers proposed for the period after food service ends can be safely and realistically contained within the building. This needs evaluation. In any event it should be clearly stipulated that music and drinking on the external and balconied areas of the property should not be permitted after 11pm.

A seven day/52 week application for late opening is unwarranted. It should be restricted to fewer nights per week and probably further restricted between October and April. The nearby Ocean and Pavilion do not have such late licensing.

Yours sincerely

Simon Davidson, Chair of The Avenues Residents Association

We heard from EDDC Licensing Committee on 27 April and we welcome the decision to grant the licence with shorter hours, similar to Ocean and the Pavilion. It is understood that the premises shall be monitoring the levels of noise themselves and we shall also be keeping our eyes and ears open for any anti-social behaviour, for the well-being of residents.