Planning approval for former Rolle College site

We were pleased to hear that Acorn Property Group were successful in their revised application at East Devon District Council’s Planning meeting on 10 March. The developers listened to our concerns and others who had raised objections, revising their plans for 39 homes, accordingly in December 2020.

This is for 10 detached properties, a 3.5 storey block of 19 apartments and 4 apartments within the Eldin Building (a listed building). There is considerable parking provision within the plans. Most of the access will be from Douglas Avenue which will require the widening of the existing stone pillared entrance to allow two-way traffic. The pillars are to be retained.

The development will require the loss of some trees but most of these are coming towards the end of their life span. Many are to be retained and Acorn are committed to planting a number of new trees.

The design of the properties look tasteful and TARA did not tender an objection to the planning application. It should be an asset to the Avenues and will certainly be a great improvement on the derelict appearance and vandalised state at present.

TARA are linking with Acorn who have promised to keep us informed of timescales and the progress of the work.

We are looking forward to work starting and hopefully, this will end the 10 year-long period of anti-social behaviour endured by immediate neighbours. Above are some photos we took during our site walkabout in February 2020.



The revised plans which reduced the top floor of the flats block, reducing the number of dwellings and planting more trees to replace felled ones.

Work is due to start soon & expected to be finished by 2022.