TARA Retiring Committee Members

Two of the past Chairmen of The Avenues Residents Association have just retired from the Committee after a number of years of valuable service.

Roy Pryke is a founder member of SAD, the forerunner of TARA, having served twenty years on the Committee, several of them as Chairman. He has also kept TARA informed of the progress of the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan as leader of the Strategy Group and of the activities of Exmouth Community Association which he has also Chaired in the past.

James Barnes Phillips has held several roles since he joined TARA Committee, first as Treasurer, then as Membership Secretary and as Chairman. His IT skills have been much appreciated.

A small group of Committee members met on Saturday the 31st October with Roy and Jim to show the Association’s appreciation of their enormous contribution and to give them a small gift. They will be missed and we wish them well in their future activities.