Residents’ questionnaire: feedback required


Dear fellow Resident,

Over the last few years, TARA has maintained a strong focus on trying to maintain the essential character of the Avenues in terms of design, trees, and so on. This was then turned into a formal document by Roy Pryke and others which now exists as the Avenues Design Statement (ADS) and which forms a core part of the Exmouth Neighbourhood Plan. The ADS, allied to the efforts of the TARA Committee, has helped shape some of the developments that have taken place, or are in progress, such as the Deaf Academy, Blue Cedar, and the site next to the Deaf Academy which will be named as Rolle Gardens. In addition, we have had success in getting some wholly inappropriate proposals rejected or modified – Mickeys Beach is an example. As you know, we are currently very
actively involved in objecting to the proposed Devoncourt redevelopment.

Apart from planning issues TARA also has regular meetings with local councillors as individuals and as a wider group involving representatives of the Town Council, EDDC, and DCC. We also have links with bodies such as the Chamber of Commerce and ECA, and hope to be able to join COLP soon. We are now also in contact with Simon Jupp’s office. These relationships are vital in helping TARA understand key issues from another perspective and also in enabling us to communicate resident’s concerns and to influence outcomes.

It is thanks to these relationships that, for example, we have been able to modify some of the operating practices of Taylor Wimpey during the construction of Plumb Park so that what at times is a quite intolerable situation wasn’t worse still.

This led in turn to a focus on issues of speeding and potential means to introduce traffic calming and reduce the amount of rat-running through the area – something that you are aware of from our recent Questionnaire and the results that we posted on the website.

We thank our DCC councillor, Christine Channon, for her tireless work on behalf of all residents most of which people will simply not be aware of. Without her intervention we would not have made the progress that we have.

As a Committee we now feel that we need to ask you all for your views on what TARA should concentrate on going forward. We have prepared a short series of questions below, with room for comments, and we would be grateful for your ideas. We will then adjust the Constitution as necessary and feedback at the AGM on November 6th.

Information regarding the AGM will be posted to the website shortly.

Use the link here to open the Questionnaire. Please note that it will close on October 31st.