Devoncourt planning application update

It has been confirmed that issues raised in last year’s pre-application response from EDDC are still outstanding and the Planning department have suggested the applicants withdraw the application. The document detailing the Planning department’s concerns was recently uploaded on 11 November titled ‘Pre App Response’, an email from August 2020, which is available to view on the EDDC Planning Portal, under documents.
The conclusion of the email stated:
‘‘We hope that you will find our initial observations useful and would strongly suggest that our concerns about over development, the design and the layout of the site are addressed in-line with the comments made by the Urban Designer. Further thought also needs to be given to the relationship with and impact upon the amenities of the occupiers of neighbouring properties, the provision of on-site affordable housing and the layout should be informed by the constraints posed by trees within or adjacent to the site and by the drainage and surface water strategy which should incorporate above ground SUDs features.’’
Update 26 November:
This week, an East Devon District Council spokesperson said:
A number of significant concerns had been identified by the planning team at the council when considering the application. These concerns have now been fed back to the agent for the applicant. It is for the applicant to decide whether to proceed with the application in its current form or to withdraw it.